Prior to a candidate being submitted for permanent assignments a full in-depth interview along with relevant testing will be completed and references will be obtained.

Once we have completed the preliminary screening every candidate will be contacted and fully briefed with all the vacancy information to ensure their interest before they are submitted to the client's short list to be considered for interview.

Once interviews have been agreed we will liaise with both the Resourcing Manager and the applicants throughout first and second interview stage. At each stage we will gather feedback from applicants to keep you fully informed.

At offer stage we will manage the whole process to ensure that both parties are kept updated and will handle all the necessary administration including 'holding' of applicants whilst decisions are made. We will follow the Client's approved procedures regarding job offers and rejections.

Where a candidate is placed in a permanent position we telephone the relevant manager on the first morning to ensure that the applicant has arrived and then at the end of the first working week to ensure that both parties are satisfied. We then call to a previously agreed timescale over the next three months to ensure expectations are met and quality standards are maintained.